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About the artist: Roderick E. Stevens II

From the time of early boyhood, I have been intrigued with art in all forms. My first set of oils was handed to me at the age of seven and my love for painting was promptly born. Initially, the artwork was more abstract expressionism – I was only seven after all. In high school, I started exploring realism and I found that I loved the way acrylic paint gave me quick yet dramatic results achieving intense details in my photo-realistic paintings.

Early in my career, film making grabbed my attention and cinematography became my focus, nudging painting to the status of an occasional hobby for many years. My work directing the photography of numerous indie films, shorts, and music videos continued to grow, but my emotional and spiritual sense remained quite out of balance. Then some significant personal turmoil in 2004 helped me to realize I needed to re-evaluate.

I discovered that I was in desperate need of emotional transformation and a spiritual connection.

Roderick E Stevens II
Roderick E. Stevens II

One of my very first steps in the recovery process was to get myself back into something that I enjoyed. It needed to be something very personal, and expressive of me. Honestly, it didn’t seem like painting was the answer, but I forced myself to pick up the brush. By the time I finished the first piece, I remembered how much pleasure I felt from painting, and my passion was officially re-kindled! From that day forward I began painting again at every opportunity. I started entering juried art shows and winning awards - and have been having the time of my life ever since!

My paintings embrace the challenges of refractions and reflections. As a cinematographer, I have always been drawn to such distortions of light and color as found in reflections off of chrome and other shiny surfaces, and in the refractions of glass. It’s no surprise that I continue to adore artifacts of photography, and include them in my paintings, such as shallow depth of field, and motion blur. These limitations cannot be seen by the naked eye, but are rather only captured in photography – or in my paintings! Lastly, I like to add an extra dimension to my pieces by layering related objects or images onto the surface of the painting as if they’ve fallen onto the canvas.

Roderick E. Stevens II

I am blessed to have my work shown in prestigious art galleries from Monterey to Palm Desert and Las Vegas, and throughout Arizona in Tucson, Scottsdale, Carefree, Prescott, Bisbee and Sierra Vista.  My greatest love is meeting my collectors personally at fine art festivals, exhibitions and shows across the country.

In my search for a spiritual relationship, I came to recognize that a power greater than myself had a hand on my brush as well and I feel incredible gratitude for this gift, which I am compelled to share with the world around me.

I create in my desert home in Arizona that my two children and I built ourselves.


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