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Artist Statement: Roderick E. Stevens II

Roderick E. Stevens is an amazing award-winning photorealist painter. Yes! Each of his pieces is a painting – not a photograph! And his mixed media artwork brings the excitement of his paintings into three dimensions, using found objects to create dynamic interpretations of memorable icons.

As he explains: “This all exploded out of me about 7 years ago. I painted in high school, but film was always my passion and that’s what I pursued after school. In 2004 I turned to painting as a way to get my mind off of some personal drama and by the time I’d finished two paintings, I came to realize ‘Gee, I’m pretty good at this, I should do something with it!’ and began painting and creating for a living.”

(right) "end table" - 16"x20" acrylic on canvas.
end table
(below) "to be or not to be" - 42"x38" mixed media wall sculpture from recycled and repurposed materials. To be or not to be

(below) "antique store I" - 16"x48" acrylic on canvas

“Because of my background as a cinematographer, when my brush meets canvas, I am drawn to photorealism. I am particularly intrigued by how light is refracted through glass and liquid, or reflected off of chrome and specular surfaces. As opposed to sprawling scenes, I like to study small simple subjects, and display them as prominent, larger than life spectacles. I enjoy incorporating elements of photography into my art, such as motion blur, depth of field, and other artifacts not natural to human vision. Normally, you would only see these aspects in photography and I take pleasure in capturing them with paint.

“This is all art school for me. Literally, every painting and every mixed media sculpture is my attempt at learning how to tackle something new. It has been exhilarating discovering that there is so much more to learn about my own craft, and to be able to share that with others.”

A master of illusion, an energetic and passionate artist, Roderick entertains us by transforming one thing into another. Paintings that look like photographs, plumbing parts assembled into giant typewriters and cookie jars into giant cameras – each one making us look twice to discover all he has hidden there.

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antique store I