REStevensArt - Newsletter #136! - 04/14/15

Spring is in full Swing!!!!

Firstly, welcome to the newsletter, all those who signed up this past weekend in The Woodlands, Texas!


Shortly before I hit the road for my spring run-o-shows, the idea hit me to combine my familiar photorealism work and my new Drizzle techniques!

I completed a dozen pieces in the week leading up to my departure and learned that some pieces translate well and others do not. I picked the seven that I felt worked best to include in this newsletter! I'd really love your feedback on them!

And of course I'm offering discounts to subscribers who want to acquire some of these new "Drizzleisms" before they go on display in Saint Louis in May!

Any of these ordered by May 5th will receive $150 off the price!

(right) "American Dress Drizzle" - 16"x48" drizzled enamels over an archival canvas reproduction of my original painting. Because of this unique process, this is a one-of-a-kind piece! The retail on it is $975, but if purchased by May 5th, I will take $150 off. After that I will debut this new work at the Laumeier Art Festival in Saint Louis! :-D

(below) "American Cola Drizzle" - 28"x28" drizzled enamel on canvas. This one also retails for $975!

American Dress Drizzleism

American Cola Drizzleism

(below left) - "Bluetini Drizzle"

(below right) - "Goldtini Drizzle"

These two are 16"x42" enamel paints drizzled, dripped and splattered over archival canvas reproductions of my popular "Bluetini and "Goldtini" paintings. They retail for $850, but are available for $700 through May 5th!

Buetini Drizzle Goldtini Drizzle

(below left) - "Preparations Drizzle", (below right) "Choices Drizzle" and (bottom right) "2nd Pour Drizzle"

These three are 20"x30" archival canvasses drizzled with enamel paint! They retail for $750, but are available for $600 through May 5th! That's $1 per sq. inch for a one-of-a-kind original painting! :-D

Preparations Drizzle Choices Drizzle

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2nd Pour Drizzle

Please let me know what you think of this new series! And thanks as always for going along for the ride!

Roderick E. Stevens II


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