REStevensArt - Newsletter #135! - 03/26/15

Welcome to SPRING everybody!!!!

I've spent the last few issues sharing all my new work in the Drizzlescapes, so I'm excited this time to show you some new Photo-Realism work! There are two shows I've juried into with this year with a new series of fruit paintings! Following is just a sampling of what I'll be premiering at the Brookside Art Festival in Kansas City, Mo. next month and includes some familiar images and some exciting new ones!

Wet Red Apples

(above) "Red Apple Top" - This 16"x26" original painting captures a new angle on the wet fruit. You know how I love those water droplets! :-D This acrylic on canvas original painting will make it's debut in the real world at the Brookside Art Festival in just a few weeks for $1050. Signed and numbered, limited edition reproductions are available for $300.

If purchased before April 5th (when I hit the road for my Spring run of shows), Newsletter subscribers ONLY can make this original painting YOUR OWN for $900 and I will include shipping! :-D

Red Apple Splash

Red Apple Splashdown


(above) - "Red Apple Splashdown" - Another new image for the fruit splash lovers; this 16"x20" gallery wrapped painting runs $800, or $650 for Newsletter Subscribers who must have it before April 5th! Reproductions are $300!

(right) "Red Apple Splash" - This 16"x32" piece is $1275 for the original, or $400 for ltd. ed. reproductions. This one too can be YOURS for $1,100 if purchased before April 5th!


strawberry milksplash

Upcoming Shows

Click HERE to see the 2015 show schedule

(above) "Strawberry Milksplash" - This new fruit splash piece measures 16"x24" for the original and runs $950 (or $800 for subscribers who want to add it to their collection before April 5th).

(below) - "Grapefruit Splash" - And lastly, this one is also a 16"x24" acrylic on canvas original for $950 (or $800 before April 5th - only for Newsletter Subscribers)! :-D

Grapefruit Splash

Thanks for checking out the latest paintings from REStevensArt!!!

Roderick E. Stevens II


April 2015

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Oklahoma Arts Festival