REStevensArt - Newsletter #128! - 11/04/14

WOW! Last month's auction was a HIT!!!

All but one painting from last month's newsletter went to new homes, most of them within three days! Since sending that out, I happened upon two paintings I had forgotten about, as well as several I've had sitting aside for quite a while and then three I had intended to keep, but then decided to do include in another auction for this month! Similarly - I will post each one with a minimum bid (some as low as $100) and a wholesale price for buying it out of the auction. Just toss me a note if something grabs you. I will end this one on Nov 15th!

(below) - The first one up is "Blue Sunset by Numbers" - at 36"x48", this is the largest acrylic on canvas original I have and one of the largest I've ever done. I immediately fell in love with the rich combination of blue and gold in this piece. Often times when people would ask "How do you do these!?!" I would jokingly respond "Oh, it's nothing - just paint-by-numbers" :-D Retail is $9,000! I will graciously accept a discounted wholesale price of $900 OR the highest bidder by November 15th, starting at $200.

blue sunset by numbers
green grapes splash


(left and right) - "green grapes splash" and "orange splash"! ! ! -

These are both 26"x10" acrylic paintings on canvas that were part of a very brief series I did as a departure from my usual fruit splashes. For these I included the fractal background rather than the simple black or white. I did just a few of these and then put them aside here in the loft studio and accidentally forgot I still had them until this past weekend. Retail is $1050 each, though I will happily accept a discounted wholesale price of only $400 OR the highest bidder by November 15th, starting at just $100. Just toss me a note to!

(below) - "blue moon" - 30"x36" acrylic on canvas. This is the only one that remains from last month's auction. While it actually got a few bids, each bidder ended up either buying a different piece, or traveling out of the country! :-o

This has been one of the more popular reproductions over the last year and retails for $4,200 for this original painting. It can be on YOUR wall for $1,200 (way less than half price), or to the highest bidder over $200 by November 15th.

orange splash

blue moon

(below) - "Yellow", "Blue" and "Red"- These are each 16"x28" original acrylic on canvas paintings. Admittedly, these are three of my favorites and I would love to see them go as a set to a fine art lover's home! I had actually decided to keep them and hang them here at the Casa de Stevens, but then with the success of last month's auction, realized I would rather have more budget to put into "Learning to Drive (or short film project), so here they are!

They are three separate paintings and I will definitely split up the the set. Each one retails for $2,200. Now, $600 (even less than the the cost of a large reproduction) can make it YOURS, or bids start at $200 and go through November 15th!!!

yellow, red and blue
Cherry Splash

Lastly, I found several remaining 12"x12" fruit originals! These all retail for $350/ea. but can be yours for just $150 or the highest bid over $100 by November 15th!

(left and below-left) "cherry splash" and "cherries still life" are each 12"x12" acrylic on canvas original paintings.

(right and below-right) "black apple" and "white apple" are also 12"x12" acrylic on canvas originals.

black apple
Cherries still life


(below) - THE LAST OF MY WOOD PANEL PAINTINGS!!! These three; "cherry tops", "green apple top" and "red apple top" are actually 12"x12" acrylic on wood panel instead of canvas.

Even the ones on wood panel can be bought out of the auction for just $150. Otherwise, the highest bid over $100 by November 15th takes one home!

white apple
cherry tops green apple top red apple top
This is the very last of the photo-realism originals available for now! After this I'll be featuring my Drizzlescapes and Mixed Media work, but more urgently - for the next 60 days my entire life revolves around our short film "Learning to Drive"! I will get into more detail in the next newsletter, but in the meantime you can learn more at!

Until next time, thanks as always!


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