REStevensArt - Newsletter #127! - 10/14/14

As many of you have heard me explain over these past few weeks; with rare exception, I will no longer be doing the
outdoor art show tour with the photorealism paintings. Two exciting opportunities have affected this change. Firstly, I am thrilled to continue exploring the new Drizzlescapes body of work and I want to be able to focus on that as much as possible when I'm in the studio, along with my mixed media work. Secondly, I have entered into some encouraging relationships with galleries and the like, that would rather not have me competing with them with the same kind of work. So again, for the most part, the photorealism will now only be available through galleries and somewhat through the website.


The good news is, I have just a few original paintings and reproductions left as I wind down the 2014 tour and I am anxious to get
them into loving homes rather than see them stored in my studio, since I shant travel with them anymore. I have included images of the few originals I have left, which I will auction off to the highest bidder between now and October 30th. The starting bid is ONLY $200! These are each ORIGINAL acrylic on canvas paintings, not reproductions! I have listed each one with the dimensions and the retail value of the painting. If you MUST have the painting and do not want to bid on it, the first person to offer the discounted wholesale price gets it shipped to them! Just toss me a note to with your purchase or bid and I'll get back to you asap.

(right) - "three cokes" - 30"x18" acrylic on canvas. Retail is $2,200! I will graciously accept a discounted wholesale price of $900 OR the highest bidder by October 15th, starting at $200.

(below) - "primary colors" - 20"x20" acrylic on canvas. Retails for
$1,600! For $600 you can call it yours, or submit a bid of $200 or more!

(down yonder) - "blue moon" - 30"x36" acrylic on canvas. This is the largest of the paintings and retails for $4,200. It can be on YOUR wall for $1,600 (way less than half price), or to the highest bidder over $200 by October 15th.

primary colors

three cokes

blue moon

(below left) - "balloon elephant" - (below right) - "balloon puppy"

These are each 30"x20" acrylic on canvas and retail for $2,400. Now, $800 (even less than the the cost of a large reproduction) can make it YOURS, or bids start at $200!!

balloon elephant balloon puppy

(below) - "tree swing" - 24"x30" acrylic on canvas retails for $2,800. Discounted wholesale is $1,000 to own it today, or bid at least $200 and see if you're the high bidder by October 15th.

tree swing

painting in Albuquerue

To be clear; this is not goodbye to the photorealism, by any means. In fact, I've included a picture (left) of me working on a new painting this past weekend at the Rio Grande Arts Festival in Albuquerque, NM!

I am merely shifting my focus for a while, as many artists do. The photorealism work has forged a great path of its own that I'll continue to supply with limited new pieces here and there. In the meantime I hope you'll stick with the R.E.StevensArt circus as it evolves and explores.

Thanks as always!


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