REStevensArt - Newsletter #125! - 09/08/14

First of all - Thank you so much for all of the kind words and well wishing for my daughter's nuptials mentioned in the last newsletter! Her hubby has been a part of our family for approaching a decade and we're all thrilled it's now official! :-D

In other news;

Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having creating these Drizzlescapes!?!?

Quoth the Raven

The Raven

(top) - What does the raven think of Poe's verse?
"Quoth the raven" - 20"x20" Drizzlescape painting!

The ominous (and curious) birds and the nearest end of the typewriter carriage handle are all drizzled and splattered onto the foremost layer of acrylic. Then the old school typewriter, not unlike the one Edgar Allan Poe might have used is painted onto the middle sheet, suspended in front of the background panel covered in weathered and antiqued pages containing his classic ode "The Raven". This is a personal favorite! $600

(above) These blackbirds are just showing off that they've got a poem about them!
"The Raven" - Three separate 12"x12" Drizzlescapes.

Each one has the titular fowl dribbled and dripped onto the foreground panel over collections of affected pages of the poem. These are $150/each.

(below) As the Day of the Dead approaches, I channeled my inner Aztec for these three celebrations of color!!!

"Los Muertos" - Three separate 12"x12" Drizzlescapes. For each of these, I drizzled the outline and certain key accents and features onto the foreground sheet in black. All of the colorful splashes, sprays, and splats are layered on a separate sheet of acrylic over a black background.

Tres Muertos

(below) - For all my friends in the film industry and those who just love MOVIES!!!! (that's me!)

This quadtych consists of four separate 12"x12" drizzlescape panels. For each one, an iconic fixture of the process of flimmaking is drizzled onto the foreground and suspended over a collage of vintage imagery and text representing those stages. $500 for the set!

movie set

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And for those who love color!!!

(below) "Tropicizzle Drizzle" - 12"x12" Drizzlescape of a vibrant tropical bird saling across the sky, leaving a trail of splattered color! $150

Tropical bird

I have MANY more new drizzlescapes to share, including a new series of aspens and other trees that I look forward to including in the next newsletter, as well as two brand new colorful typewriter pieces! Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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