REStevensArt - Newsletter #124! - 08/01/13

FIRST and foremost, congratulations to my daughter Melissa and son-in-law Brian on their recent nuptials at the Disneyland Hotel! For those who aren't particularly "Disney-savvy", the pattern on my vest is the wallpaper from The Haunted Mansion. Yeah . . . we're geeks like that. :-D
Brian & Melissa's Wedding


As this is landing in your inbox, I will be deeply entrenched in building my weekend Taj Mahal for my final show of the summer in Park City, Utah!

I'm giddy to share MORE NEW DRIZZLESCAPES herein and happy to report they've been met with much enthusiasm at the shows. I'm excited to keep exploring this path when next I loiter about the studio! I've got a whole 'industrial' series I look forward to working on and can't deny I sure have fun assembling the multi-layered pieces like the "panoraspens" one below. I've also recently secured the domain name and will be putting the website together over the fall.

(upper right) - "aspen sky" - 12"x12" drizzlescape. I drizzle acrylic and enamel paints onto the backside of an acrylic sheet and then float it in front of a painted background.

(lower right) - "silver aspens" - 12"x12" drizzlescape similar to the one above it..

(below) - "brown aspen sky" - 18"x24" drizzlescape. You may discern that this one has trees on both the foreground acrylic sheet and the background painted panel!

brown aspen sky

(below) "panoraspens 01" - 12"x36" drizzlescape. You can somewhat tell in this image that this one actually has an additional layer of trees on acrylic behind the foremost layer. I painted two of these and they were immediate hits (and both sold quickly).

aspen sky

silver aspens

panoraspens 01

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(below) This is the very first test piece I did for the new drizzlescape series. Though it's hard to tell in this image, there are three different layers of clear acrylic here drizzled with acrylic and enamel aspens and leaves.

drizzle aspens

I continue to be overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity to create art and share it with whomever fancies a gander, and to make a living doing so (even though sometimes, it's LEAN livin'! :-o hahaha!).

Thanks everyone for being a part of it all!

September 2014
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