REStevensArt - Newsletter #123! - 07/14/13


I'm excited to share several of my latest 12"x12" drizzlescapes! Acrylic and enamel paints on plexiglass are suspended in a frame over a decoupaged background. Many of these found new homes in Utah and Colorado this past month, but many are still available and I will soon have prints available as well!

typewriter drizzles

Just words. The unremitting clacking of thoughts biting onto paper, accompanied by the tactile dance of fingers and metal keys offered a palpable sense of accomplishment when that bell rang out, prompting the return of the carriage. Every word counted; every letter. The trappings to mask our gaffes came not for a century after the first typewriter and our nerves were conditioned to write what we meant and mean what we wrote. While there is little question about the value of improved technology when it comes to broadcasting transliterated thought, these rugged, mechanical marvels are akin to sculptures of the renaissance. In their time, though focused on more prosaic concerns, they in fact uncovered an engaging aesthetic, the soul of which I hope to reflect in my typewriters. Just words.

drizzle art collage

drizzle purse collage

drizzle shoes

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I'm not gonna lie; I can't get enough of these drizzlescapes! I've got bunches more underway and will share more soon. I'm especially excited to keep exploring these multiple layered pieces. Toss me a note if any of these grab you, or you'd be interested in a print. In the meantime, I'm off to finish up here in Colorado and then bounce out to Disneyland. When next I write, I'll officially have a son-in-law (though he's already been a part of the family for years)!

Thanks for going on this adventure with me!

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