REStevensArt - Newsletter #122! - 06/24/13

Welcome to Summer!

July approaches and I'm on the road for the first of my summer shows, which is a great excuse for getting out of Arizona heat for the moment. :-) Though, I am sad that I will once again miss the monsoon season this year.

I am however, very excited to share with you all a brand new series of Drizzlescapes! As many of you know, several years ago I became intrigued by the texture and chaos of drizzled, dripped and splattered paint. Whilst bouncing around Florida in 2007 (in fact one week before building my first typewriter sculpture), I bought my first set of enamels and drizzled up some art that liberated my brush like never before! I've been itching to revisit the process and finally spent this Spring diving in with both feet! I've got many, many new pieces but I'll just start with a few from the 'aspens' series here.

(right) - "Aspen Sky" - 36"x24" acrylic and enamel on plexiglass and wood panel separated by a 5/8" spacer in a black, metal frame.

I love the effect of the drizzled paint floating over the background, creating depth and casting shadows and I revel in the chaos inherent to the process compared to my tedious, exacting photorealism work. I am ever intrigued by imagery that uses as little information as possible to convey a scene, subject or mood and it's been great fun limiting my pallette and detail in these paintings.

(below) - "Panoraspens 01"; 12"x36"x2.5" acrylic and enamel on layers of plexiglass and wood in a custom made frame.

Similar to the "Aspen Sky" piece, but here I drizzled the paint onto TWO separated plexiglass layers AND the wood panel background, creating a great play on light and three dimensional effect, which simply won't quite translate in this digital image. Trust me, it's fun! :-D To help provide the necessary depth, I custom made these frames at 2.5" thick with 5/8" spacers between the three layers.

Aspen Sky


Remember, I am a glutton for feedback! So please let me know what you think of the new Drizzlescapes! :-D

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white aspens

(above) "White aspens" - 12"x12" acrylic and enamel on plexiglass in a metal frame.

I'm having a blast trying a variety of compositions and subject matter with these new drizzlescapes. By flinging paint around on these smaller 12"x12" panels, I'm able to explore the unique interactions between assorted viscosities, gravity and the imagery in my head. I can then determine which subjects I feel will best translate into larger drizzlescapes. In the near future I will share lots more drizzle aspens, other trees, flowers, dresses, purses, shoes and even typewriters!

In the meantime! For any of you who might be visiting me at the Utah Arts Festival this weekend in Salt Lake City, don't forget the "People's Choice Award". You can vote for me (or whoever your favorite artist happens to be :-P ) at the Social Media Lounge, or on the UAF App for iPhone and Android phones. The winner is automatically invited back for next year!

Thanks, as always for reading and supporting art!
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