REStevensArt - Newsletter #121! - 05/16/13

April showers, May flowers and whatnot!

Firstly! I've been remiss in keeping you all informed about our film project, "Learning to Drive" and we've had some exciting developments over the last several weeks, not the least of which is that the script has been awarded by two different film festivals in their screenplay compeitions!

Los Angeles Intl Film Festival Official Selection Life Fest Film Festival Official Selection
I remain highly excited about this film project and have spent the past several weeks location scouting and working on storyboards. I have also become even more determined to do the film RIGHT rather than soon and to that end have decided that as long as it takes to get the logistics worked out and raise the proper financing to do it well, that's what I'll work towards. I'll be launching follow up crowd-funding campaigns in the future, but for now - BACK TO THE ART!


I'm outta control, exploring new territory with the typewriters! I'm enjoying expanding the concept into more colorful territory and new themes.

(right) - "Think, Feel, Imagine"; 40"x21"x10" - mixed media assemblage. Collectors have been quite drawn to this new series of typewriters with the colorful elements, as each one I've built has found a new home at its first showing. This one now resides in Kansas City, Mo.

(below) - "headlines"; 30"x24"x10" mixed media assemblage. I gathered up some of the most prominent headlines from 20th century America for my first ever venture away from the black background panel. For the tab guide and space bar I created my own faux typesetting blocks' and that was so much fun, I actually made another one for myself that I used to stamp "JUST WORDS" onto the 'paper'! See below-right for a bit more about this piece.

headlines - typewriter

Think, Feel, Imagine - typewriter

The unremitting clacking of thoughts being pounded onto paper, accompanied by the tactile dance of fingers and metal keys offered a tangible sense of accomplishment when that bell rang prompting the return of the carriage. For this particular piece, I chose to reflect on some of the more prominent newspaper headlines in American history as well as offer homage to the type-setting craft once employed by those mass communication barons.
While there is little question about the value of improved technology when it comes to broadcasting transliterated thought, these rugged, mechanical marvels are akin to sculptures of the renaissance. In their time, while focused on more prosaic concerns, they uncovered an engaging aesthetic, the soul of which I hope to reflect in my typewriters


I wish to reiterate to those who already know and inform those who don't, that I do have lots of collectors who purchase their art and pay for it over time. I can accept a debit or credit card for your purchase and spread it out over as many months as you'd like at no extra charge. This isn't 'lay-away'; you possess the art right away. This is just a way for me to nurture the dissimination of art in circumstances that might otherwise prevent it.

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