REStevensArt - Newsletter #119! - 04/08/13

Happy Springtime everyone!

I know some parts of the country are feeling like it's a prolonged April Fool's joke and for that you have my sympathies. For us in Arizona it felt a bit like winter never came, which is just fine with me, though some of my 'season' loving family members were less than thrilled. Unlike my kin, I'm just fine with a tan Christmas. ;-)

On to NEW ART!

(right) - After 6 years of building typewriters, I acquired just the right parts to do a 'small' version. These will be a very limited run as they take literally just as much time to construct with nearly as much material. I wanted to do a couple of them for folks who just don't quite have the room for the standard size typewriters. They measure approximately 19" x 14" and are briefly available in brass, chrome and rusty motif's for just $1,600! That's 33% less than the standard typewriters! And if you order one by the end of April, I will include shipping to get it to you. But remember, I'll only be building a few of these at this size.

(below) - "goldfish" 20"x20" acrylic on canvas. Some of you may remember that one of my 'perks' for the Learning to Drive crowd-funding campaign was a painting workshop. This is the image we worked on over the weekend! goldfish

Small typewriters


For those who've been wondering what the latest is with Learning to Drive, I have two bits-o-swell news.

#1 - "Learning To Drive" WON the short screenplay competition at the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival!

#2 - I spent much of the month of March in between shows, location scouting for desert and motel scenes for the film (see below). Fortunately, I found some excellent locations that I'm excited to pursue. Otherwise, we are busy with storyboarding, designing sets and casting whilst I prepare for a month (May) full of shows around the midwest.

LTD Location Scouting, March 2014

Upcoming Shows

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Print of the Month
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American Army Men POTM
"American army men" - 16" x 24" canvas reproduction.

This is a 16"x24" unstretched canvas reproduction of the original mixed media assemblage. This retails for $250! Buy it now for only $99 plus $10 shipping to anywhere in the U.S.!


That's all for now. I'm excited to start presenting some new "drizzle art" paintings in the next issue! :-D


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