REStevensArt - Newsletter #113! - 12/02/13


Welcome to DECEMBER!!!

I just HAD to share!

This past summer, a collector came to my booth quite ready to burst forth with child, and acquired the set of balloon animals. A few months later, her proud hubby sent me these pix of what they describe as the common occurrence of their newborn staring at the artwork on the walls. They granted me permission to share said precious moment with you all!

baby with balloon animals

baby with balloon elephant


Many of you may remember my drizzlescapes from 2009! I have been itching to revisit the process in the coming months and have recently discovered these 15 remaining paintings from that initial series. These are each one of a kind original paintings; acrylic and enamel on wood panel that I'm selling only here on the newsletter at HALF PRICE, first come first served. Just click on any of the images or links in this text to see a page where you can view larger versions of each one and then send me a note about which ones grab you!

12"x12" original paintings for only $100 and 16"x16" panels for just $125!

sunny field saguaro sunrise desert crescent moon century sunburst
ocotillo moonrise desert lake Lake Powell evening palms
Lake Powell 02 sunset palms lake tree

(above) These are all 12"x12" panels for $100!

(below) 16"x16" panels for $125

desert moon Joshua sunburst sun valley pine valley

NEW ARTWORK coming in the next issue!

Meanwhile, just a reminder that I am gearing up to launch a crowd funding campaign for our short film, "Learning to Drive" very soon! When I do, I'll announce it here.

Upcoming Shows

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Learning to Drive Email me if you'd like to learn more. Thanks for reading and being a fan of art!


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December 2013
Tempe Festival of the Arts
Tempe, Az.
Dec 6th - 8th

4th Avenue Street Fair