REStevensArt - Newsletter #106! - 04/02/13

Welcome to SPRING!

The Earth tilts, the sun's rays reach those of us in the northern hemisphere a bit faster, and tax day approaches for Americans. These things are certain every year about this time, along with my annual journey to the great state of Texas! :) I'm excited to be coming back to my usual haunts in The Woodlands, Main Street Ft Worth, Southlake and Cottonwood (in Richardson, Tx.).

You can confirm dates and whatnot by visiting my
2013 Show Schedule page.

I look forward to hitting the road with a whole lot of new work this year, including several new paintings you'll find in this newsletter, starting with a couple of new ones in the "art of the cloth" series.

In its simplest manifestation, a dress is already a captivating
amalgamation of form, color and texture. For this series, I’ve chosen to first walk a less traveled path and utilize alternative textiles. After having my lovely partner construct these dresses from unusual materials like grocery bags, newspapers, my old drop cloths, etc., I posed them on dress forms and captured them in stark, contrasty lighting for my reference photos. Rendering the subtle changes between light and shadow are the appeal of painting draped cloth and the varying textures are always a welcome challenge

(right) - "American dress" is the fourth in the dress series and got quite a bit of attention in New York at the Art Expo last week. This original measures 48" x 16" and runs $3,800. Reproductions are available in 42"x14" for $900 and 32"x12" for $500.

(below) - "dropcloth dress" This 30" x 20" original painting started off as a canvas collage of images from the actual pattern for the dress, on top of which I recreated the finished form. For some 'trompe loiel' fun, I 'attached' the dress with masking tape and a clothespin. This original runs $3,000 with 30"X20" reproductions running $900 and 24"x16" for $500.

American dress

dropcloth dress

"balloon animals"

Each acrylic on canvas original below is
30"x20" and runs $3,000

Reproductions are available in
30"x20" for $900
24"x16" for $500
balloon animals


Don't forget that I love working with people to facilitate the collection of art. Any piece that catches your fancy can be purchased with a credit or debit card and I will spread the payments out over as many months as you would like. I do not charge anything extra for this service.

Upcoming Shows

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This is the last newsletter in which I'll be offering the 2013 Fine Art Calendars! Unless you are able to catch me at an upcoming show with some of these left, this is your last chance to order them. I am once again offering free shipping and discounts on multiples.

Only $15!2013 calendar

On another note - I have been approached by a variety of companies regarding some licensing opportunities for my imagery and I'm curious what sorts of products might people be interested in seeing tied in with my work. Would you like to see puzzles? beach towels? Boeing 747's? Toss me a note with any suggestions you have on items that might be well suited to my pieces.

Thanks as always for joining me on my art adventure! I'm off to finish some new typewriters and other mixed media work and get the Batmobile all packed up for the trek Eastward next week. I hope to see some of you soon!


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