REStevensArt - Newsletter #105! - 02/24/13

Spring is almost here! And not a moment too soon for many of us!

I've been busy trying to stay warm whilst finishing up several new series of paintings, a few new mixed-media pieces, shooting a music video for my son's band (which I'll share when it's done) and preparing for my first showing at Art Expo New York!

Meanwhile - I've got NEW ART to share!!!!

A friend and collector loaned me her assortment of blue bottles to portray in a new series I hope to have finished up by the time I hit the road this spring. For these first two, I chose to set them up outside and capture the beauty of the sunset and moonlit skies here in Arizona.

(below) - "blue sunset by numbers" - 36"x48" acrylic on canvas. - Often times when folks express amazement at my paintings, I proclaim that they're just really good paint-by-numbers! ;-) Yes, the paint brush and pallet are part of the painting and not glued on 3d elements.


(above) This was the view outside the back door last weekend. Not much-o-nuttin compared to folks in other latitudes, but a bit of a novelty for us desert dwellers. We've gotten more snow here this winter than in many years. I hear it even snowed in PHOENIX! Methinks a whole lot of slim chances in life just got a boost.

blue sunset by numbers


36" x 48" original acrylic on canvas
reproductions are available and are ON SALE NOW (see below)

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(below) "blue moon" 30"x36" acrylic on canvas. - This one involved setting up on the deck outside my studio and exposing for 3 minutes as the clouds blew northwesterly. Additionally, I walked around the set shining a flashlight on it, creating those streaks in the bottles. Then I added in my own full moon and "taped" it into place ;-) . FUN STUFF!

blue moon news


30" x 36" original acrylic on canvas
reproductions are available in three sizes and are on sale between now and March 15th - see above.

Watch for more new art in the next issue!

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I must close now and get back to work as I am busy
trying to get artwork finished and ready ship off to New York in a wooden crate, which I also still have to build. I'll be back next month with s'more new art as I hit the road for my first run of 2013 shows where I hope to see many of you. Until then - good night . . . and good luck.


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